Southwest Piping Institute

UA Local 412

Public Announcement

Southwest Piping Institute, 411 Arizona Street SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108 is applying to become a candidate for accreditation with the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education. Persons wishing to make comments should either write the Executive Director of the Commission, Council on Occupational Education, 7840 Roswell Road, Bldg. 300, Suite 325, Atlanta, GA 30350, or submit their comments through the Council’s website ( Persons making comments must provide their names and mailing addresses.

How Do i apply for a state journeyman license test?

Apprentices looking to apply for a State Journeyman License Exam


As part of the process of becoming a nationally accredited education facility, we have changed the name to the Southwest Piping Institute. The long-range plan is to eventually issue our own college credits, which is still a long way down the road, but we will get there eventually. Click the link to see our new hardhat sticker. There is a limited quantity at the moment so collectors and traders will have to wait until the second round. This sticker is limited to one per member at the moment. You can stop by the training center to get yours. We will be working on a point of contact for our out-of-town members or show up to the next meeting to get yours.

The motto comes from Rudyard Kipling’s “The Law for the Wolves” poem also know as “The Law of the Jungle.” I chose this motto because I believe it best represents what our union is all about. Our Union is strong because of the members and our members are strong because of the Union. It is my hope that we can all remember that our participation in our union makes us stronger. We come with our A-Game everyday to work like the professionals that we are. We do not hide from work. We prove our worth everyday so we have a strong place to negotiate better benefits in the future. We may not always get along with each other, but in the end, WE ARE FAMILY! We treat each other with Dignity & Respect. I am proud of our local and how far we have come. I am proud of our retirees who have gotten us here so lets never forget those important people. I am proud of our leadership that is taking us forward. I think we all want our union to be even stronger for the next generation. Consider coming to more meetings and be an active participant in the future. Let’s wear this sticker with pride in our Union and pride in ourselves.

New Hardhat StickER